initials game

Game Day W. L.
If you tuned in today, you heard folks trying to name any and every famous person, place or thing with the initials "W & L". And here are some of them:
Whiskey Lullaby, White Liar, White Lightning, Wichita Lineman, wish list, Western Larch, and the most popular answer of the…
Famous C W's
Our game today was "Initial Response". You have to give us famous things or people with the letters "C" & "W".
Here are some of today's:

Cold War
Christopher Walken
Charlotte's Web
Clay Walker
Clint Walker
Curt Warner (Seahawks running back, not the QB who won the Super Bo…
Famous "G T"s
One of our most popular games is one where we give listeners the opportunity to give us famous people, places, things, etc with 2 initials.
Today we asked for famous GT's and got these:
George Thorogood
Galveston, Texas
Garlic Toast
George Takei
Garbage Truck
Green Turtles
Grand Tour
Golf Tees
Golf Tournament