Fake Owl Vs. Real Snakes
My sister lives in South Carolina and she was having issues with Copperheads in her yard. Those things are not only poisonous, but can be aggressive; definitely not a snake you want to encounter while walking barefoot through your backyard. She bought a few of these fake owls and put them up along…
Nowhere to Go
Fish Wildlife and Parks is considering raising the quota on mountain lions in the Bull mountains because of more conflicts with people moving into remote areas.
Watch Out For Sex Crazed Ducks
It's Spring and these ducks are ready to get it on with their seemingly unwilling lady friends. Whenever they get into make-new-ducks mode, they seem to paint the rest of the world invisible, including traffic
Why Riding Off Into the Sunset Can Be Dangerous
The sun setting in the west isn't exactly new thing, so why am I bringing this up? Here's the point: When the sun is low and you've got westbound traffic, there's always the possibility that drivers don't have great visibility and you should keep it in mind. Even if you h…
Fireflies In Montana
There are several sources on the web that say that fireflies exist in all of the 48 contiguous states, including Montana. Now I hate to argue with the internet, but I've yet to meet anyone who can actually confirm that. Feel free to comment here or on our Facebook page and let me know where I c…
Where Is Your Favorite Spot To Go For A Bike Ride
When the weather is cooperating, we've got some great spots to go for a bike (bicycle) ride. Honestly, up until very recently, I had no interest in riding a bicycle. I gave up my bike when I started driving at age 15. In fact, when I see an adult on a bicycle, I usually assume they have gott…
Beers On Patios
With the warmer weather here, we can get back to having an icy cold beverage outdoors on one of the many patios that serve alcohol in our area.
I'm not doing a "Best Of" patio list; rather, a list of cool spots to go in our area. Tiny's, The Montana Brewing Company, and th…
Evening Walk
Last night I had to walk home from the field after spraying.  That was a big mistake.  The mosquitoes are awful already.
If you walk by the ditch or river or any other water source be prepared for a complete attack on your exposed skin...

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