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Sarah Darling, ‘Home to Me’ – Song Review
Sarah Darling's new single, 'Home to Me,' is a sweet southern love song that just might break an artist who's been working for a break since releasing 'Jack of Hearts' in 2009. The lyric has a girl-next-door feel, which is a good fit for the 30-year-old Darling.
Kacey Musgraves, ‘Merry Go Round’ – Song Review
The story goes like this: Texas teen auditions for 'Nashville Star,' doesn't win but uses the experience as motivation to sharpen her pen so that she can release her own melodic country music years later. The result strikes deep; right to the bone. It's uncomfortably close to reality for millions of Americans without offering much hope. Sound familiar?
High Valley, ‘Love You for a Long Time’ – Song Review
High Valley‘s tight harmonies and bluegrass influenced pop-country sound will be new to American audiences, but the sibling trio proves that their success in Canada wasn’t just a fluke. ‘Love You for a Long Time,’ the debut single on Eaglemont Entertainment, is a professional recording one usually doesn’t find from a baby act. This group is clearly a seasoned — but still exciting — voice to keep a
Darius Rucker, ‘True Believers’ – Song Review
Darius Rucker takes a simple story of two lovers who defy odds and skeptics and places it gently on a cloud in the stratosphere — a place few others can reach. ‘True Believers’ begins as a mild and unremarkable pop-country song before clever production and Rucker’s unforgettable voice find one soaring in the euphoria.
Joanna Smith, ‘We Can’t Be Friends’ – Song Review
If Joanna Smith‘s new single ‘We Can’t Be Friends’ was released 30 years ago, we might call it a classic in 2012. Since the singer is relatively new, however (the sexy single ‘Georgia Mud’ barely cracked the chart in 2011 ), we’ll restrain ourselves from over-selling this portrait of caged yearning. Smith is the perfect voice to tell the story.
Thomas Rhett, ‘Beer With Jesus’ – Song Review
No one is going to pull out the calendar, but if Thomas Rhett was legally old enough to enjoy a ‘Beer With Jesus’ when he recorded the song, it wasn’t by much. What matters is whether or not the Georgia born singer is polished enough to carry the poignant lyric.
Florida Georgia Line, ‘Cruise’ – Song Review
In just a few short seconds, Florida Georgia Line make a memorable impression on ‘Cruise,’ their debut single with Republic Nashville. The duo have been performing together since graduating from Belmont University, and their formal training shows in the tight execution of this lyric-heavy summer song. It’s Tyler Hubbard’s unique voice that stands out immediately.
Tyler Farr, ‘Hello Goodbye’ – Song Review
Tyler Farr offers a perspective on the breakup song that country fans haven’t heard in awhile. He’s the one walking away from the girl in ‘Hello Goodbye,’ as opposed to being the broken man trying to solve the puzzle of love gone wrong.
Dierks Bentley, ‘Tip It on Back’ – Song Review
Dierks Bentley has done something interesting with his new single ‘Tip It on Back’ from the ‘Home’ album. The singer marries the spirit of songs like ‘Free and Easy’ — and more recently, ‘Am I the Only One’ — with the sexy pace of his most famous ballads (think ‘Come a Little Closer’ and ‘Feel That Fire’).
Kelleigh Bannen, ‘Sorry on the Rocks’ – Song Review
Kelleigh Bannen‘s scorn is anything but manufactured on her debut single ‘Sorry on the Rocks.’ The country newcomer — who signed to EMI Nashville barely two months ago — introduces herself to country music fans as a strong female artist willing to take no mistreatment.

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