On Wednesday's (Nov. 21) episode of 'X Factor,' each performer was asked to give thanks with their performance and to perform a song for someone they are thankful. Country crooner Tate Stevens -- who is a fan favorite and lands atop the leaderboard with regularity -- gave thanks to his father, since his pop is the one who made him who he is. He turned in an emotional and twangy rendition of Lonestar's ballad 'I'm Already There.'

It was the right song for Stevens to use to show his gratitude to the man who helped bring him into the world, and it also fit his voice and his style. Stevens is the sole country competitor this season, and the crowd and the viewers respond to every single one of his performances.

Even though he is in his late '30s, Stevens is still chasing that big dream -- and has the talent to do it. His voice did break a bit in the song, and it was not a flawless execution, but it was still very authentic, and that's more important than perfection.

Britney Spears and Demi Lovato felt that he did a wonderful job. Lovato said it wasn't his best showing ever, but even so, she admitted that it was still incredible. Simon Cowell loved the song and the story, but pointed out cracks in Stevens' voice during the emotional rendition. However, he said there is no chance in hell Stevens is going home.

Stevens might already be "there" after this performance, with the "there" being one step closer to winning the whole thing.

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