"With this album, I really explored the edges of what I'm allowed to do," Taylor Swift said of her latest album, 'Red,' during an interview on 'Good Morning America' on Monday morning (Oct. 22).

The album hit shelves today, though Swift has been using the 'GMA' platform to give glimpses of the album via a series of song previews over the past few weeks, including the title track, 'State of Grace,' 'Begin Again' and 'I Knew You Were Trouble.'

This time out, Swift is mixing her confessional lyrics with a new and unexpected range of sounds. "[I'm] exploring, kind of pushing myself and taking myself out of my comfort zone, which is writing alone," the 22-year-old superstar explained on 'GMA.' "[I'm] going and working with my heroes, songwriters who have influenced me my whole career. It really kind of challenged me in the best way possible."

One track, 'I Knew You Were Trouble,' is rife with musical experimentation and was one of the most "fun" songs for Swift to create -- and also the bravest one she wrote. "I started it out on piano and I knew at the end of the chorus that I wanted it to have this crazy bass drop, so I brought it to my co-writers Max Martin and Johan Schuster (also known as Shellback) who are amazing and they were able to... they brought it to places that I never thought my music could go," she says.

While many Swift's age are in the beginning stages of a career, or perhaps just getting out of college, this superstar has been wildly successful at her chosen craft for several years. Still, it's clear that she still considers herself a student of music, and believes that she got a thorough education from her fellow songwriters while crafting the album.

"Everybody has their own process. Some people start by making a track. I just grab a guitar and make stuff up. Everybody has a different way of doing things," Swift explains. "What it felt like was being 22, learning from my absolute heroes and exploring how they do what they do."

One lesson learned was the art of filtering when writing songs. "'All Too Well' was the hardest [track on 'Red'] to write, because it took me a long time to filter through everything that I wanted to put in the song," says the crossover star, who enlisted longtime co-writer Liz Rose to help with the tune. "It started out being probably a 10-minute song which you can't put on an album," she said with a laugh. "I had to filter it down to a story that could work in the form of a song."

"There is sort of a pressure to not make a mistake," Swift says of her career. "I'm at an age where you are supposed to be learning lessons and making mistakes and it's okay, but I have to really kind of minimize the mistakes that I make, because it's important that I have these people that count on me. So that's part of it that I have come to terms with."

The singer felt no pressure with the questions while sitting in the 'Good Morning America' "Hot Seat," where she rapid-fire answered questions about her favorite place (Nashville), her favorite comfort foods (Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Pop-Tarts) and her first celebrity crush (Taylor Hanson).

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