I've met with my financial advisors and it appears that I will actually retire someday.

I would like to hear from retirees on what they know. I've heard from one that you should work and make money as long as you are able to. I've also heard that retirees get pretty bored pretty quickly.

As far as where I'll live when I retire, I don't really know. Playing golf in Arizona while you poor slugs here are plowing snow sounds like something that might interest me. But I can't imagine not living in Montana. Among the many things I like about this place are the people, the beauty, and the speed at which we move here. And the fact that you can almost always get a good parking place downtown.

But retirement is far away for me. Due to the nature of the job here, I know that I won't retire for at least 3 years. Then I could see a little country oldies show that I do from my living room while I drink my coffee. I think that might work.

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