The Bellamy Brothers are doing a concert Tuesday night at the the Shrine Auditorium in Billings. I hope you go see them. It's a fundraiser for the Police Protective Association. So, you concert ticket dollars are going toward a worthy cause and you get a TON of hits.

Did you know that "Let Your Love Flow" was originally offered to Neil Diamond, but he chose to not record it? It went to No. 1 in America and also topped the charts in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

You'll hear that one tomorrow night along with most of the other 50 songs they've charted in their careers, 20 of which, went to No. 1.

Keep in mind that by supporting this concert, even if it's not your favorite act, the promoters will know that Billings continues to be a good spot to bring acts, and we'll keep getting more shows. I sure hope you go see them.


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