Well, that dang game did exactly what it was designed to do. I'm not a huge poker machine player. In fact, my New Years resolution for 2013 was to not put any money in a machine. Which was quite easy for me to do.

And, up until this weekend, that crane game that seems to be at most pizza joints never interested me.


Then, this past Saturday, my 4-year-old niece pointed at something she wanted out of that pile of cheap stuffed animals. So, I said, "Anything you desire!"

So, I put my 50 cents in, and picked up a toy with the first attempt. So I told her I'd get her that reindeer that was in there too. Bad move.

About 35 bucks later, still no reindeer. She understood. Kind of. I'm not used to letting my loved ones down. And I've been online all morning trying to find one to get her for Christmas. Uncle Mark will fix it eventually.