We feel good passing this kind of information along simply because of the over abundance of snooty scotch drinkers and whip cream, cotton candy, foo foo vodkas on the shelves as of late. Montana's most popular beer is Bud Light...and our most popular hard liquor is none other than Jack Daniel's. 

There is an app by the name of BARTRENDr, and despite its really silly name it was able to come across some pretty informative insights by analyzing the results of nearly a third of a million people to reveal the most popular beer and liquor in Montana.

And yet we are not alone. Bud Light was by far the most popular beer in 33 states and Jack Daniel's was the most popular liquor in 16.  Second place went to Fireball which ended up being a favorite in over 15 states.

Looking deeper in the study, many of the picks were fairly traditional, and yet there were a few crazy ones. As an example:  Nebraska favored Founders Brewing Curmudgeon Old Ale, and Utah went with, um, Polygamy Nitro Porter.

When it came to the hard stuff,  Arkansas and our next door neighbors in Idaho went with Evan Williams bourbon . . . South Carolina preferred George Dickel whiskey . . . and Maryland chose Svedka vodka.

The state of Virginia has expensive taste when it comes to their liquor considering that Grey Goose was their top choice. And yet, they still guzzle Bud Light. So there's that.

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