Before I rant, I must give credit to the clerk at the court house.  Mainly because she was a Packers fan like myself.  But secondly, because she in fact DID get me in and out really quickly.

However let's be honest...wouldn't you rather be doing ANYTHING other than waiting at the courthouse to get a vehicle licensed or titled?  Here are some options...

  • GO SEE A DOCTOR, LAWYER, OR ANYONE ELSE REALLY EXPENSIVE.  Actually those choices would be even more than the $165 I had to shell out to get plates and my vehicle registered.  Maybe that is more of a reality check that today's experience was not so bad?
  • LISTEN TO A BABY CRY.  As unpleasant as that is, I can't say that would be worse than waiting in line with number 207 today.
  • MAKE A WAL MART RUN, WHEN IT'S REALLY BUSY.   I shudder in fear just thinking about that.
  • GO TO ANY OF THE "TWILIGHT" MOVIES OR WATCH "DANCING WITH THE STARS".  30 years ago I might have been a fan of  those.  But faced with the choice of title & registration duties at the courthouse or watching the movie or show?  Any of those options EXTREMELY frightening to think about.