There are times in our lives when we come across some really cool people. Sometimes they're a celebrity, a family member or maybe even someone standing randomly in a grocery line. Whatever the case may be, they touch our inner core and in some cases, change our lives.

Most will say that the coolest person they've ever met is a celebrity and there is nothing wrong with that. Others will lean towards the more meaningful encounter and that's even better.

Personally, I have been blessed to have both sides. I have had the opportunity to meet most of the stars we play on the radio and I am very thankful for that because most of them are really cool people. However, some of the best people I have met have been those random encounters where the conversation ended with the feeling of "That was really cool!"

One of the best conversations I have had was with Cole Swindell. We had a lot on common and hit it off quick and very well. We chatted about a number of things including both of us losing our fathers way too early. I often think about that talk and it brings a smile to my face knowing that it's doesn't matter who you are or what you do, we all experience very similar things.

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