Recently while visiting the local horror show that is The Verizon Store, the pimply faced nerd behind the counter talked me into buying one of those fitness trackers you wear on your wrist. It tracks my steps and sleep patterns each day, but I failed to consider the "Big Brother" aspect of wearing something that uploads information to the internet!

Back in March, a Florida TV station reported that a woman was staying in her boss' guest room in Pennsylvania when she claimed a stranger had sexually assaulted her at knife-point.

A thorough investigation turned up some evidence that she may not have been telling the truth... FROM HER FITBIT!

The data extracted from the device showed that while she claimed she was sleeping, she was actually walking around.

The local sleuths also found other little clues like no footprints or evidence of a break in. She was charged with making false reports and apparently did it to get back at her boss who was rumored to be preparing to fire her.

Well, I bet she got a pink slip after that! At least now she can rack up the steps pounding the pavement looking for a new job.

And I'm going to leave my fitness tracker home next time I stay at my boss' house!

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