When we think of country’s most noteworthy hat acts, we tend to think of guys wearing cowboy hats — stars like George Strait, Dwight Yoakam, Alan Jackson, and Brad Paisley. But the term could also apply to Zac Brown, who’s rarely seen without a beanie.

And, as Brown recently explained during a stop at WYCD, it’s more than just a fashion choice.

Responding to a listener’s tweet asking “What’s up with the hat?,” Brown responded, “I can’t stand having cold air blowing in my ears, so when it’s cold at my house or if I am outside, I am going to have my ears covered up.”

And for the record, Brown has a few very good reasons for wanting to keep that cold air out of his ears. “When you are a singer, you have to nurse yourself and make sure you don’t get a cold,” he explained. “So when I get drafty cold air in my ears, I would get an earache and get sick. I had to make sure I hustled and stayed well for my shows that I played.”

Most importantly, though, Brown says “I’ve been wearing it forever and it’s my personal choice. It’s just what I like to wear. If I wear something, it’s because I want to, not because I give a s—- about what anyone thinks about it.”

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