Once again I have to thank the Downtown Billings Association for loaning me a sweet Cannondale 24-speed bike from their ongoing Loan-A-Bike program. It is a lot like taking a book out of the library... you give them some information and they will loan you a bike free of charge (unless you fail to return the bike on time). This weekend I took a ride on the nicely paved bike trails on the West End.

Today I started my ride next to Arrowhead School at Poly and 48th. The bike trail starts where 38th dead ends before Fairmeadow Drive. Once you take the tunnel under Shiloh road you will see the trail head above on your right. Unfortunately the trail only goes about another mile or so to the west. The better way to go is to do a hard right U-Turn right after coming out of the tunnel (if you see the trail head in the photo you went slightly too far). That will put you right on Shiloh. The bike trail that parallel's Shiloh heads south well past King Avenue. Today I turned left on King and stayed on the paved bike trail that connects Shiloh to 38th street. From there (no trail on this leg but there is a bike lane) I went north all the way back to Poly and then back to my vehicle parked at Arrowhead School.

It about an hour to an hour and ten minute circuit if you bike at moderate speed and a great workout. The scenery is super green and there are plenty of places to stop along the way to get a drink or a snack if you are so inclined. Because of the section on 38th street (bike lane and not trail) I wouldn't recommend taking young children but if you're looking for a not too strenuous but effective workout, it's much more pleasant than going to the gym any day of the week.