united blood services

Please Donate Blood [Video]
Yesterday we did a broadcast from United Blood Services in Billings. We found out quickly how critical the need for donations is at this time.
From cancer patients or car wreck victims, donations are in high demand and every drop of blood counts...
Congratulations United Blood Services in Billings!
It's Monday and you know what that means. Another Free Donut Drive By!
We drew Lori Henderson from United Blood Services at 1444 Grand Ave in Billings for this week's delivery! I cruised over this morning with 3 dozen Log Cabin Bakery donuts and they came a runnin'...
My Bloody Valentine
If you've never been to Roller Derby, this might be a great time for you. Saturday, the Billings Derby Dames are putting on a bout at Shrine Auditorium to benefit United Blood Services. Its "My Blood Valentine" at the Shrine.
Here's a description of what you might see...