When Alec Baldwin was in Montana for the first time filming for the movie Supercell in 2021, he posted a video on Instagram expressing his fascination with the "unbelievable" story of Ben Steele.

In the post on Instagram he recorded while sitting in the Northern Hotel, Baldwin spoke directly to the American hero from Montana saying, "I'm just thinking of you Ben, wherever you are out there in the great beyond. Great hero, great, great hero."

He then tells his social media followers to "read this book, read this book."

Now, Alec Baldwin is using his podcast platform for a series of episodes dedicated to Ben Steele and the book "Tears in the Darkness - The story of the Bataan Death March."

Ben Steele survived the misery of his captivity and went on, almost unbelievably, to live to be 98 years old in his native Montana, pursuing his passion as an artist. -from Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin

On June 27 an introduction to the limited documentary podcast series was posted called 'Ben Steele, American,' followed by Episode 1: Cowboy.

Baldwin posted a video on his Instagram announcing the June 30 debut of the podcast series that he said was inspired by "one of the greatest books he's ever read."

In the Instagram post, Baldwin said he hoped to make a movie about Ben Steele but the project was "shelved."

Here are the latest 4 episodes from the documentary podcast series about Ben Steele that's narrated by Alec Baldwin:

During Baldwin's last visit to Montana, he shared a moment that happened to him while catching an Uber from the Northern Hotel in downtown Billings to Best Buy on King Avenue West.

I'm headed to Best Buy, and as I'm driving there I say to him "How far is the Best Buy?" He said, "it's about 15 minutes." I said I'm visiting town, and I don't really know this area. We're in a pickup by the way. There's a pause and he says, "Are you here for that Alex Baldwin movie?" I had my mask on and my glasses and I go "no, no," I said, "what's that?" And he said, "I can't stand him," and then he went on to say a few other choice things. So we get to the Best Buy and I take off my mask and I pick up my license and I go, "Hey Keith, I want to show you something. I'm Alex Baldwin." And he looked at me in the rear view mirror and he goes, "My God, you are Alex Baldwin." -Alec Baldwin via Instagram


To hear a preview of Ben Steele: American narrated by Alec Baldwin, CLICK HERE.

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