The kid and I enjoy going to the drive-in every year and I'm excited that we're only a few weeks away from the Amusement Park Drive-In opening up. According to their Facebook page, they're shooting for the first weekend of April, so we're only a couple of weeks out. They haven't announced the movies yet, but hopefully they'll have something kid friendly.

If you've never been to a drive-in I should explain that it's a much different experience than going to a cinema. The screen isn't as good. The sound isn't as good. The food is better in my opinion, and the overall experience makes up for the technological shortcomings. One of my favorite things is that you're in control of your environment. Noisy kids or people talking? Not a problem when you're in your car (unless of course those kids or people are in the car with you). You are also in control of the temperature and volume...something a fancy theater can't provide.  One other thing worth mentioning about the experience -  it's MUCH cheaper.

Well worth checking out and supporting our area's one and only drive in theater.

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