Last night I had the privilege of emceeing the 55th Annual Homesteader Days outdoor concert.  This year they had Terri Clark, Ned LeDoux and the Bucky Beaver Ground Grippers. First and foremost, I want to say thank you to The Huntley Project Lions Club and Bethany Hein the event coordinator for allowing me to be a part of the event.  I haven't been to their event in several years and I am so glad that I didn't miss this show.

Ned LeDoux took the stage first. He was amazing. Yes he looks like and sounds a lot like his late dad Chris LeDoux. Ned has a very smooth delivery and put his own spin on his music.

Next was Teri Clark. She hit it out of the ballpark. First off, my husband Brett is a huge fan, OK, more than just a huge fan, a mega fan.  So when we got the opportunity (thank you Bethany) to meet her, he was over the moon. The lovely Miss.Clark belted out some of her most famous songs and shared a great song she had written when her first marriage was coming to an end.

Credit: Karen Gallagher Townsquare Media
Credit: Karen Gallagher Townsquare Media

As the Bucky Beaver Ground Grippers prepared to take the stage, a storm moved in and brought with it lighting,thunder and heavy rain. As we were escaping and heading for shelter, the guys were still on stage singing for the crowd that was hanging around under tents and the eves of the buildings. Watch a quick video of the storm!


I would give this show two thumbs up.  Great job Huntley Project Lions Club and all of those who helped out and sponsored the show.

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