The first review of Ariana Grande's forthcoming album Dangerous Woman is in, and it's a giggle-inducing doozy. While riding with Joan Grande in the car, Ariana recorded a video of her mom basically live-reviewing one or more of the tracks off the pop star's upcoming LP. The verdict? "WHOAHHHHH!"

Yes, Arianators, it's a rave review from Mama Grande herself, who — while somehow still cognitively focused enough to operate a vehicle — is heard shrieking repeatedly with enthusiasm over her daughter's apparently thrilling third studio album.

"OH MY GOD! Who's heard that!? Has everyone heard that version?" Joan asks, before falling back into hysterics over the aural euphoria she's just experienced. "WHOAH!"

But the singer's mom can't stop, won't stop there: "OH MY GODDDD," she screams, not unlike the kid in that infamous scene from Troll 2. "WHOAH! NO, ARIANA — I'm not kidding, that's the best song I ever heaaard."

And then more yelling, and swearing: "OOOH! Oh my God. HOLY SHIT!"

The best part comes, however, when she takes a moment to breathe, laughing as she shares that her episode of over-excitement nearly caused her to throw up on her steering wheel. "Oh my God, I almost vomited!" Joan tells Ariana, who at this point has been reduced to a fit of uncontrollable laughter.

According to Ari's mom, her famous daughter's new album contains the "best song [she's] ever heard." But which one? According to Ariana, her hysterical mother's over-the-top reaction to hearing said album is "the funniest shit [she's] ever seen." According to us, the video is one of the cutest we've ever watched on Instagram — so it's all good news.

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