The best episodes of I Love Kellie Pickler may not have been filmed yet. The singer tells Taste of Country her in-laws have moved to Tennessee, and they'll play a role in Season 2 of the CMT reality show.

I Love Kellie Pickler follows Kellie Pickler and husband Kyle Jacobs through love and life and music. Highlights from the first season were the USO episode, plus any that featured Pickler being, well, herself.

"People liked the chickens episode," she shares, referring to an episode during which she brought home chickens. "And then Ken and Kyle were stuck watching them," she adds, giggling at the memory. The 29-year-old is known for being unfiltered in conversation or on camera, and fans have gravitated toward her charm since meeting her 10 years ago.

The one-time American Idol star has been staying busy between filming. Season 2 of her show has started shooting, but they're currently taking a break as Pickler collaborates with the Eh Bee family. The Eh Bees are wildly popular on YouTube and social media and, Pickler confirms, adorable. They're touring the country, visiting cities with the worst allergies as part of a campaign for Flonase. Beginning in New York City, the family will travel through the heart of America to Texas for the iHeartCountry Festival in Austin on April 30. Six of their stops are within a short drive of Pickler's Nashville home, which is bad news for an allergy sufferer who admittedly sounds like a man when she's at her worst.

"I didn’t realize how high the pollen count was until I moved (to Nashville) and bought a black car, and it turned yellow the next day," she says from a car in New York City.

Since participating in the American Idol finale, Pickler's schedule has been relentless. Last weekend she played with Season 15 Idol contestant Tristan McIntosh, singing an original song and the full version of "Best Days of Your Life," heard in part during Season 15.

"I have to remind myself that she’s only 15 because you close your eyes and hear her sing and she just has this powerful voice," Pickler explains. "The thing that she’ll learn as she performs is being comfortable on stage."

She also suggests that McIntosh keep busy as long as the Idol glow is shining above her. That's advice the singer-turned-dancer-turned-reality-star has followed since her season, Season 5. Visit to keep up with the Eh Bees journey.

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