Honestly, I would use this service every time during the winter because driving when there is snow and ice gives me all the anxiety.

The Big Sky Passenger Rail Authority has been gaining a lot of momentum in recent months from citizens, cities, and officials wanting to bring back the southern route through Montana after over 40 years. Now there is even more momentum for this southern route to becoming a possibility faster than we think.

The new infrastructure bill that is trying to get passed through Congress has not only a big part of the bill has billions of that bill earmarked to bring back passenger rails or new ones and that is great news.

Amtrak Offers Glimpse Into NYC Penn Station Infrastructure Renewal Work
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Not only would this route connect travelers on an Amtrak in southern Montana to go to Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Washington, and Chicago, Illinois but would bring back routes that could see passenger trains go from Billings to Denver and Butte to Salt Lake City. That would be absolutely massive for folks in Montana.

I'm all about this Big Sky Rail coming back into service. I hate driving in the winter, especially when I have to go through essentially three different mountain passes and deal with snow, icy roads, and inexperienced drivers. Bringing back the southern route of passenger trains would ease the minds of many folks trying to travel at any time of the year.

The only question is if this happens and goes forward, where would they build the train station in our area? My idea is probably Belgrade. They already have the airport, you might as well make that certain area the transportation hub of the Gallatin Valley. Just my idea.

For more details, check out the Big Sky Rail Authority.

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