I saw a report on the Today Show regarding Big Brothers Big Sisters that really touched my heart.

It was a report on 'Bigs In Blue'.

With so much divide between police and the public over the past year nation wide, some have been trying to find a way to bring everyone back together.

Welcome to the birth of a wonderful idea. Big Brothers Big Sisters has teamed up with a number of police organizations to have officers become 'Bigs' as they say.

They have run in a few areas and things seem to be going very well.

Wanting to know if this was going to happen here in Billings, I decided to call AmericaCorps VISTA, our local chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters. I spoke with a very nice lady named Taylor who told me that they were in discussions with our local police agencies to make this happen here which is really good news.

Obviously you don't have to be an officer to help this program. Taylor said that they are always looking for people to join the cause and that they are looking to expand into Shepherd and Lockwood soon.

Please call them at 406-248-2229 if you have any questions or would like to help this awesome organization.

Thank you to our men and women in uniform for all you do!

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