Kickin' around the Townsquare Tower today, Michael Foth pitched an idea about freshening up The Cat... with YOUR VOICE. So, we put our heads together and figured out just how to do it...

How Do We Get THE PEOPLE On Cat Country 102.9?

Beyond callers reaching the Breakfast Flakes weekday mornings on the Cat Studio Line... we really don't have much for local listener audio. In radio, we LOVE having audio of our loyal and local listeners... but times have changed and with things moving so fast... that is something that has become "extinct" on the airwaves.

So, how do we get your audio? Should Michael and I go door to door, asking you to tell us what you love about Cat Country 102.9? Well... we could... but we have technology. And there is a better way!

The Cat Country 102.9 App Has A Bonus Feature

Now, you may or may not know this about the Cat Country 102.9 App (and ALL our station apps)... but you don't have to simply JUST text us. You can send photos, videos... oh, and AUDIO too.

Also, here are some examples of what we are looking for. But, don't think you just have to read that and call it a day. In radio, we do something called "Adlib"... meaning Improvisation. We make things up on the spot, with a general script in hand, to give things on the radio more personality. So, feel free to send whatever you want. (BETTER BE NICE)

Example Scripts:

  • Hi! I'm NAME in CITY, and I LOVE listening to Cat Country 102.9!
  • This is NAME in CITY... we wake up to Cat Country and the Flakes!
  • I'm NAME, and I ONLY listen to Cat Country 102.9.
  • I love the artists on Cat Country! (Insert your favorite artists here)
  • Cat Country cares about the community, and I listen because I do too!

Wing it, have fun with it, and surprise us! Some of the BEST things come from spur-of-the-moment ideas...

(Terms and Conditions: By entering this contest, and submitting audio, you agree to allow Townsquare Media and its affiliates total usage rights to your audio submission and to use your vocal likeness in On-Air content. We will decide whether or not to use your audio, and how often.)

How to submit your audio, and enter to win!

Download the Cat Country 102.9 App!
  • If you already have it, awesome. If not... no better time than now!
  • Cat Country 102.9 logo
    Get our free mobile app
  • Open the App, Enable Notifications.
    • We'll notify you either through the App or via a phone call. Without notifications, you may miss our message.
  • Open the App Menu, and tap Submit Media.
    • It's the button in the Top Left of the app.
  • In the "comments" section, please put your name and phone number.
    • Without it, you may not be entered to win.
  • Tap "Select And Submit Media Now".
  • Tap "Record Short Audio Clip"
  • Grant the Cat Country 102.9 App Microphone Access.
    • Don't worry! The app does not listen in, or do any crazy thing like that. This just allows the app to record audio for you if/when you want to submit directly from the app.
    • If you would prefer to not grant access, you can instead record audio in Voice Notes or whatever app you choose, and upload that file through the same form.
  • Click the "REC" button, and start talking!
    • You only have 30 seconds per recording.
  • When finished, tap "DONE"... and finally, "Submit Recording".
  • You know we got it, if the app says "Thank you - Media Submission Sent"
  • 10 Steps to win $100*! I think it's worth it. Good luck! We'll keep this contest running through May, and announce the winner... with winning audio playing on Cat Country 102.9... in June!

    Having issues? Email me, and I can help you with your individual app/phone setup.

    (General Rules, Terms and Conditions, and more legal stuff can be found here.)

    *The winner will be paid in Fuddbucks, our custom form of payment in partnership with Fuddruckers in Billings. ONE Winner will receive $100 in Fuddbucks. Any submitted audio may be used On-Air.

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    Gallery Credit: Nicole Todd

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