After talking to my mom this weekend, she was telling me how wonderful my kids have done and would have never imagined that they would be where they are today.

How did that happen? Well, there are a lot of factors I guess.

So here is my question to you: If you were going to recommend a career path to some high school graduates out there, what would it be?

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I tell ya, one good path would be a nurse. There was an article today that talked about nursing and how many we are going to need. There are 660,000 baby boomer nurses that will retire by 2030. Here in town you can attend city college and be ready to start working in two years or so. Wages have grown over the past year and you can pick anywhere in the nation that you want to work. Working three days a week to be considered full-time is nice too.

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Any trade right now has a huge shortage of workers. Plumbing, electrical, mechanics, construction, anything with your hands. They hold a promising future.

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I guess the secret though is to let them (your children) navigate their way through the process, but as we emphasized with our kids, the importance of finding something you like and can stay focused on is the ultimate goal rather than a specific job. That will work itself out in the end.

The fact that there are 11 million jobs currently unfilled in the U.S. is also making it easier for people to quit work and move on to something else. Many of them will always be job hoppers and never settle into something long-term.

Good luck with your choice...

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