Melstone Schools Get Metal Detector From Breakfast Flakes
Melstone is the second school district to take Mark and Paul up on their offer to "give schools another tool in providing kids with the safest learning environment." In March, Shepherd was the first school district to receive donated metal detectors with funds from the Flakesgivng Foundati…
Flakes Deliver Metal Detectors To Shepherd Schools
Cat Country 102.9’s Mark and Paul delivered two new metal detectors to the Shepherd School District on Tuesday morning. Purchased with funds from the Flakesgiving Foundation, the walk-through metal detectors will be used by the middle school and high school in Shepherd.
Billings' School Buses Resume Regular Routes Friday
Billings Public Schools have lifted the alternate bus route schedule and will return to normal routes starting Friday, January 24. BPS had alternate routes in effect since the first round of heavy snow hit Yellowstone County on Monday and extended the routes when a second winter storm dropped anoth…
Havre Festival Days Parade
This weekend my daughter Bailey and I decided to have a girls weekend and head to Havre to see my Mom and family.
Well imagine my delight when I found out it was Festival Days this weekend (it used to be called Western Days when I went to school there)
I hadn't been to festival days (aka western …

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