Dirty laundry? Don't have a washer and dryer at your house or apartment? Then Saturday, March 27th is your day. The Junior League of Billings is offering their free laundry day Saturday, March 27th in three different locations across the state. For one day they are hoping to provide free laundry services to more people than in the past. The free laundry day will take place in Great Falls, Helena, and here in Billings at BYO Laundry at  46 Broadwater Avenue from 10am to 2pm. According to an interview with Victoria Hill of KTVQ 2 and Jen Massey of the Junior League of Billings,

free laundry day is offered every 4th Saturday of the month and has been taking place for five years. During free laundry day, anyone, no questions asked can bring their dirty laundry in and wash and dry it for free.

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The Junior League of Billings provides the quarters. Massey went on to say during the interview

that on an average it can cost $3 to $8 to do a load of laundry and for people who have bigger families or just don't have the extra funds, it can be challenging and sometimes they will go without washing laundry and have to go to school or work with dirty clothes on, and that can cause social issues.

She also said that

thanks to organizations in the community that help to sponsor the event they are able to provide this free service to as many people as possible.

The Junior League of Billings has been around for roughly 50 years and helps with several projects in the community. If you'd like to sponsor a free laundry day, you can do so by donating $500 to the league and supply volunteers, or you can donate what you can the the league will make sure the funds are distributed to local projects they help with.

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