Old Spice kicked off day 2 of its social gift-giving holiday campaign with a video gift to Billings and a billboard “thank you,” too.

The enormously popular Old Spice advertising campaign which entails MANta Claus (a.k.a. The Man Your Man Could Smell Like a.k.a Isaiah Mustafa) giving out Christmas presents to everyone in world.

The 38-second-long YouTube video calls Billings “A popular destination for socialites, foreign dignitaries, motion picture actresses and internationally recognized auto mechanics.”

He also recalls Billings as a place where he almost met his doom.

“Billings is also the town where I almost died putting contact lenses on a near sighted mountain lion.”

The gift to Billings is a billboard, which he claims to have “personally erected on the I-90 bypass near the downtown business district, right down past the mall.”

It’s located on Laurel Road just west of the Moore Lane intersection behind Centennial Homes.

Billings Old Spice Billboard

In case you can’t read the entire thing, the billboard reads, “For my friends in Billings: To thank you for building the High Sierra Dog Park and phase two of the multiuse Heritage Trail System with your bare hands and powerful brains, I have erected this billboard as a special gift from me to you.  Happy Holidays, Billings, Montana and remember that even though this type has gotten very small, I love you very much.”

So far MANta Claus has only granted gifts to people of two U.S. cities: Baltimore, Maryland and Billings, Montana.

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