The release of Stacey Rambold, a former Billings school teacher who was sentenced to 30 days in jail for raping a 14-year-old student, is one of the most controversial local events in recent memory.

The sentence was issued by Yellowstone County District Court Judge G. Todd Baugh. Since the story of Stacey Rambold's sentencing broke – and with a resurgence today – many people have taken to social media to vent their anger and frustration.

With Stacey Rambold's release today, people once again took to social media to speak out against both Stacey Rambold and Judge G. Todd Baugh.

The majority of the comments ranged from disgust with both the judge's sentencing and Stacey Rambold's actions, to embarrassment over Billings receiving national attention for such an incident.
Tawnya Carpenter Lochner, Facebook: Imagine my Surprise when I seen my hometown on FOX news! Not a proud moment here in Ohio.Im sitting in the break room with my coworkers. My jaw dropped. That is horrible news. That poor girl and the injustice.

Leslie Kimble, Facebook: Are you friggin kidding me.. WOW.. i guess you can cause someones death and get away with it in montana.. humm.. i guess thats how the justice system works now.. whos ready to revolt and serve justice the right way?! Our system is no longer ours.. its about whats convienient for these judges.. if they are in a bad mood they put you in prison for 5 years for writing a bad check, cause someones death.. slap on the wrist.. disgusting!!

Cassidy Jo Henry, Facebook: I just have to say this man should be punished way more than he was...and Rhiannon, I and all the people that knew this girl and went to school with her are personally hurting from this because we want justice for her and her family...its not like its bullying in school, this man raped a child and that CHILD committed suicide..its not right!


— GWEN (@GWENorg) September 27, 2013


Social Media and the Internet has also been utilized to rally supporters of both the 14-year-old victim and organize a movement that seeks to remove Judge Baugh from the bench.

The Facebook event "Stand with the Victim- A Protest Against Judge Baugh" brought together over 500 people to downtown Billings to stand in solidarity with the victim. And an activist group called UltraViolet has used the power of the Internet to create a petition demanding that Judge Baugh be removed from the bench.

What are your thoughts on the release of Stacey Rambold? Join the on going conversation and share your comments below.

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