Ironically the man who wrote and performed "People Are Crazy" has been charged with chasing down a 70 year-old tour boat captain Charles Ferrelle and threatened to "f**k him up" and kill him, on April 15. A Chatham County (Georgia) grand jury indictment says that Currington threatened to "to cause bodily harm" to Ferrelle. According to reports, Currington jumped in his own boat and chased down the tour boat. When he caught up to the tour boat he verbally assauted Captain Ferelle and two passengers.

The tour boat operates along the Georgia coast and passed by the singers property. News reports are sketchy but gleaning what we can from Currington's tweets following the incident ("Harrassing (sic) artists often at their home by boat should be illegal. thas all i know.") it seems he thinks his privacy is being violated. Other than that tweet, and another thanking his fans for their support, neither he nor his reps have had any comment.

A warrant has been issued for his arrest.


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