Yep, it’s true. If you were hoping this celebrity couple would hire you as their live-in laundress, your dreams have just been shattered. Blake Shelton, who is about as down-home country guy as they come, says he and wife Miranda Lambert will not be hiring someone anytime soon to do their dirty work — their dirty laundry, that is. But that doesn’t mean the ‘Honey Bee’ singer particularly enjoys the task. Hitting Twitter last month, Shelton conveyed how he really feels about the matter.

“Folding the third pile of laundry Miranda has handed me tonight,” the singer tweeted. “This is bulls–t!! Clothes should be disposable like toilet paper!!!” While he doesn’t love the actual process of sitting down and folding each article of clothing, Shelton said in a recent interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal that he and Lambert aren’t about to go throwing money at the task.

“There are some things that she and I draw the line at,” he said. “If we ever get to the point where we don’t fold our own towels and underwear, we need to get our a–es kicked.” That sounds about right coming from Shelton, and we have a pretty good idea that the self-assured, independent Lambert would have some similar choice words for anyone suggesting she pass along her chores to someone else.

Even with their homemaking sides shining through, Shelton and Lambert urge that they’re still a couple years away from expanding their family. As we previously reported, Shelton clarified in an interview with US Weekly that the stork can maintain its distance for a while.

“We just talked about that earlier this week, and I think we both agree that we’re a couple of years away from seriously talking about that,” Shelton said. ”It’s just that there’s a lot of this stuff that’s happening right now, and it only happens once. We want to be able to enjoy this and focus on our careers so when it is time, we’ll be ready to sit around and watch that happen.”

Even so, ‘The Voice’ judge isn’t wanting to keep up the crazy, hectic touring life forever. While he and Lambert are fully devoted to their work, he did recently acknowledge that he’s hoping to work hard now so, in his own words, he and Miranda can “relax and not have to tour until we’re on our walkers.” But even at that point, we’re pretty sure they’ll be lugging those walkers to the dryer to throw another load into the laundry basket — and fold it themselves!

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