Ever since Blake Shelton debuted his new single ‘Over’ on ‘The Voice,’ we’ve been anxiously awaiting more from the hilariously up-front country star. The wait is over. This morning, Shelton’s new video for the song debuted on CMT as a part of a 30-minute program called ‘Diary of a Director: Blake Shelton’s ‘Over.”

The emotional single is about a man trying to win over the affections of a woman. The singer relays the story with powerful vocals laid over an emotional, climactic melody. As soon as this song hit the airwaves, critics came out in support of the tune, saying that it was sure to be a hit.

Shelton’s music video for ‘Over’ perfectly matches the intensity of the song. The clip starts out with a shot of a beautiful brunette — obviously the object of the singer’s attraction. The video alters between shots of the country star in his home and in the desert, singing his heart out. By the second verse, things get a little more intense. Shelton is sitting in the house, and the walls and furniture are on fire–surely a representation of his heart for her. By the end of the song, the fire is raging and the beautiful girl seems to be miles away. The frame of the house collapses, and the clip ends with Shelton staring at the ruins.

The video was directed by Roman White, who is definitely familiar with Shelton’s style. The country music video director has already made videos for three of Shelton’s songs: ‘Don’t Make Me,’ ‘The More I Drink’ and ‘Hillbilly Bone.’

“I’ve used Roman a bunch of times, and I’ve never won video of the year,” Blake joked on the CMT special. “That’s why I don’t feel bad trashing Roman.”

Shelton might not have won video of the year just yet, but we think this latest clip might have enough intensity to do the job. Check it out for yourself!

Watch Blake Shelton’s ‘Over’ Music Video

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