It's weird to me that I'm so hooked on this show. I haven't made a commitment to watching one of these competition shows since back in the "Star Search" days. For whatever reason, NBC's The Voice has something appealing about it and it's got me roped in.

On last night's episode, Brad Paisley stopped by to help consult some of the contestants on Team Blake. Watching Brad and Blake's interactions with each other and with the contestants was a good reminder of why I gravitate to country music. Two extremely talented guys with "good ol' boy" attitudes. As a side note, if Blake ever decides to step down, Brad would be a great replacement choice.

If you're typically allergic to these kinds of shows and haven't tuned in for an episode, you should check it out. I know it's not as manly as Duck Dynasty or Mad Men, but you can compensate by sipping a can of beer and munching on some pork least, that's what I do.

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