On Wednesday night (May 2), Blake Shelton took the stage at ‘The Tonight Show’ to perform his new single ‘Over’ after a short — but hilarious — interview with Jay Leno. Shelton took on the role of a tell-all star as he dished about his role on ‘The Voice,’ his one-year anniversary with songstress Miranda Lambert and his deep, deep hatred for skinny jeans.

The always funny singer sat next to movie star Scarlett Johansson during the interview, and at several points joked that he didn’t want to discuss his marriage in front of the bombshell blonde. Shelton also seemed a little bit too shy to dive into his plans for celebrating one year with Lambert, but he did say that he is taking the day off to spend time with his beautiful wife. The pair will celebrate their wedding anniversary on May 14.

The country star quickly recovered from his shyness when Leno poked a few jabs at him for being on the cover of People Magazine as one of country’s hottest male vocalists. As we all know, the ‘Honey Bee’ hitmaker is never one to miss an obvious joke.

“That’s just proof of how ugly most country singers are,” Shelton laughed as Leno held up a copy.

Later in the interview, Leno turned the conversation to ‘The Voice,’ which is nearing its Season 2 finale. The good-natured voice coach confessed that country fans often ask him about Christina Aguilera‘s body. Shelton admitted that she is just as…er, well-endowed…in person as she looks on television, which got him lots of laughs from the audience.

After a commercial break, Leno confronted Shelton about tweeting after drinking too much, something he’s pretty well known for. Then he pulled out an index card and played a game he dubbed ‘Drunk or Sober,’ as he read the tweets to Johannson and asked her to guess if Shelton had been drinking when he tweeted.

At the end of his time with Leno, Shelton went on record predicting that his last-standing guy, Jermaine Paul will take the crown on ‘The Voice.’ We’ll have to wait for the show draw to a close and select a winner on May 8 to see if Shelton’s prediction comes true.

From the looks of it, country’s hottest male star had a lot of fun with Leno last night — and the two kept the audience in stitches, too.

Watch Blake Shelton’s Interview on ‘The Tonight Show’

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