Brothers Osborne's nostalgic "21 Summer" video captures the highs and lows that first love can bring — as well as the devastating heartbreak.

"21 Summer" was directed by Justin Clough and filmed around Nashville, Tenn. It includes shots at dive bar Tin Dog Tavern.

“‘21 Summer’ is one of those songs that a lot of people can relate to,” TJ says in a release. “There are moments where so many things change in your life and I think one of the biggest is getting your heart broken for the first time.”

John notes that the concept of the video is just "one of a million stories."

“Everyone’s '21 Summer' is going to be a little different but with this video we wanted to do something distinctive by taking a very particular story and applying it to the song’s lyrics,” he adds.

The video itself starts out with a young man walking beside the train tracks when a girl in a car drives by and offers him a ride. They're soon spending nearly every waking hour together when they're not working. But as the story develops, the man comes to learn that his girlfriend isn't as innocent as he may have thought ...

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