The lyrics to ‘I Wanna Be That Feeling,’ Bucky Covington‘s new single on the rise, were penned by two of Nashville’s most successful tunesmiths,  Ben Hayslip and Jimmy Yeary. “This is one of those songs that laid around for a long time,” Hayslip admits to Taste of Country of the single.

He adds, “That song is probably five years old. When you think back to growing up in high school or college, there’s a certain feeling you get about those days. You just kind of feel it inside.”

I wanna be that feeling / I wanna be that wind blowing through your hair / When life is like your favorite song / And those summer days went on and on / And it felt like you could do no wrong / I wanna be that feeling,” they wrote in the chorus.

“The song is just about trying to make the girl get those feelings again, not just looking back,” notes Hayslip. “But also when you look back from the time we’re spending right now, I want you to feel the same way about these times that you feel about those times.”

I wanna be a time ablaze / And always takes your breath away / Someday when you’re lookin’ back / I wanna be a picture there / In your mind that you take everywhere / That warms your heart and makes you laugh / Yeah, baby, these are the good ole days / Let’s make it last, what do you say / Remember being young, wild, crazy,” they penned for the lyrics to the second verse of Covington’s ‘I Wanna Be That Feeling.’

“It was a pretty easy song to write,” Hayslip says. “Then it just laid around for five years. It’s been on hold by tons of people before Bucky heard it. I saw him somewhere recently. He knew me immediately and came up to me and said thank you for that song. That was pretty cool.”

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