Sometimes a random act of kindness comes from a place you'd least expect. In Mariah Smith's case, help came from a random used car salesman.

Mariah Smith and her adoptive mother Moira Askew run a charity together in Virginia Beach called Blankets for the Homeless. The pair go out nightly and deliver blankets, food and clothing to the homeless in their area, but the van they use kept breaking down, to the point that it was becoming a safety hazard.

When a local news affiliate covered their story, a used car dealer in town was inspired to help out. Sal Faraci, of United Auto Wholesalers, will not only fix the van for free, but will continue to provide them repairs free of charge. And if a day comes when they can't fix it, he will replace the car for them.

The story has been so inspiring to Virginia Beach residents that a local rock promoter has also put together a benefit concert for the charity this weekend. Sometimes all it takes is one act of kindness to inspire others to do the same.

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