Cody Johnson is bringing his 2024 to tour Billings, on September 7th at First Interstate Arena, and we know Cat Country 102.9 listeners can't wait to see this show. Keep reading for your chance to win tickets - and VIP perks - before you can buy them this week from the Cat!

Cody Johnson is coming to Billings on Sept. 7, 2024. Credit Ryman, used with permission
Cody Johnson. Credit Ryman, used with permission

About Cody Johnson

The show has been selling out every date on the US tour. Cody Johnson and Friends in Billings will surely sell out quickly too. Fans of Cat Country 102.9 can use the special PRE-SALE CODE: PAINTER on Thursday, May 2 from 10 AM to 10 PM.  Bookmark THIS LINK so you're ready.

Johnson's new album Human is set for success, with 18 tracks spread across the double-album follow-up to Ain’t Nothin’ to It. Fans love his authentic style; the "Cojo Nation" routinely shows up for sold-out shows.

Cody Johnson. Credit Ryman, used with permission
Cody Johnson. Credit Ryman, used with permission

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VIPs at Cody Johson get to arrive early to the concert with a dedicated special entry. They'll enjoy a preferred viewing area with a special VIP-only bar, plus Cody Johnson lanyards and coozies.

Top 20 Cody Johnson Songs Adored by COJO Nation

Cody Johnson has a way of captivating his fans with his heartfelt delivery and powerful, rugged vocals. His ability to get a crowd fired up and also draw them in for a sentimental ballad is unmatched. Although most know him for his hits "Human" and "'Til You Can't," Johnson has been rocking the stage for quite some time. Let's take a look at his Top 20 songs.

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