Carrie Underwood has been putting in countless hours preparing for her forthcoming 2012 Blown Away Tour, which will criss-cross the U.S. starting this month. And according to the ‘Good Girl’ superstar herself, fans should expect the trek to be nothing short of amazing — even she can’t wait to see all of the puzzle pieces put together.

“[Right now] we are making sure everything’s perfect,” Underwood tells Taste of Country about rehearsing for the shows. “I can’t wait to see everything myself because I’ve seen so many computer renderings and video content on my computer… I cannot wait to actually get in there and see how everything is going to look and the moving parts. We’ve definitely tried to really hard to make everything have a really great story. There’s a lot of toys to play with. There’s some great technology out there now so we’re able to utilize that and make a really big show.”

And with any big show production comes the wardrobe, something Underwood is very excited about, as well. “[There will be] a lot of very dramatic costume changes,” she promises. “No two shows will be exactly the same as far as what I wear and when I wear it. I like to have options.”

This time around, Underwood will be taking young Hunter Hayes on the road as an opener. While there is no set plan on if the two will collaborate on tour, don’t rule out the possibility. “We haven’t actually tired anything yet,” notes Underwood. “We’ll have to get in there and try something, but I’m sure we’ll figure out something. We’re both talented individuals. We’ll find some way to sing together and perform together.”

The Blown Away Tour is set to kick of Sept. 14 in Manchester, N.H. Click here for a full list of dates where the tour will be stopping.

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