I am one of those people who can strike up a conversation with anyone about anything. I know sometimes it annoys my wife. And other times, we meet the nicest people.

Where we were at this weekend, we ran into an older woman who had just spent the week at Glacier National Park. She was very disappointed that they did not see a single bear while there. She flew out with her son and grandkids from Indiana. She said it was one of her bucket list items – to see a bear in Montana.

During our conversation I asked her if she went to the Rangers station and asked for her money back? She smiled, chuckled a little and shot me a look for a moment that showed me she was considering it. I asked her what she would have done had she’s seen a bear. She had no answer. I followed my bear question with the comment that it probably is a good thing that she didn’t see one after all then.

I am forever amazed at what people have on their bucketlist. Like this woman – see a bear at Glacier National Park….not sure she would do when she sees one, but she just wants to see one.

I ended our conversation asking her if there was a zoo in her area – she said yes. And then I saw another light go on in her face.

I love talking to people.



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