On Wednesday afternoon (May 9), Chris Young debuted his glowing (literally) new video for ‘Neon’ during a live streaming event. If you took part in the live chat, you know that the ‘Tomorrow’ hitmaker is as nice in ‘person’ as you would expect. After debuting the video, Young patiently answered dozens of questions and even dished some details about why he chose to make ‘Neon’ a single.

The video opens ordinarily enough, with Young singing the first verse of his latest album’s title track in front of a bar in a Nashville pool hall. Things quickly take a turn for the colorful, though, as soon as Young starts to sing the chorus. Everything from the writing on the walls, to the couch the singer sits on, to the drinks the bartender serves suddenly turned bright orange, green, yellow and blue.

The 600-plus fans who tuned into the live streaming event chatted while the video played and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive — especially from the dozens of ladies who talked about how handsome the rising country star looks in the new clip!

After the video played, Young read through and answered questions from fans, and he didn’t hesitate to spill the details on the makings of the video.

“One of the things that comes naturally to me that I really love doing is performing for a live audience,” Young said. “But when you’re shooting a video, you’re trying to look like you’re performing for an audience. But after like the 18th time, you have to remind yourself to be in it like it’s the first time people are going to see it. I get kinda lost after the fourth or fifth time through the song.”

One recurring theme during the live broadcast was that Young is ready to make music that’s a little different from his previous hits. When asked why he chose to make ‘Neon’ a single from the album, Young had this to say:

“A couple friends of mine got together and wrote this song, and when I heard it for the first time, I remember thinking ‘Man, this is such a simple idea, but they executed it perfectly,’ ” he answered. “I loved the song, and I thought it was really different than what we put out before with ‘Tomorrow’ and with ‘You.’ ”

2012 has been a bang-up year for the ‘Neon’ singer, and things haven’t slowed down yet. Currently, Young is  burning up the road with Miranda Lambert (and her dogs!) on her 2012 On Fire Tour. Check out a list of Young’s summer tour dates here.

Watch Chris Young’s Livestream and ‘Neon’ Video

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