At one time in the not-so-distant past, Craigslist was the place to buy and sell your stuff. Now everybody sells their items on Facebook or Etsy or whatever latest app/website is out there.

I still like to check out the Craigslist classifieds every now and then because honestly, it's pretty entertaining to see the junk stuff people are getting rid of. Especially in the free section. For example, the "baby maker" couch (below) that is currently up for grabs in Bozeman.

Credit: Craigslist

Not real sure what's going on with the interesting pose by the model in this photo, but the seller states, "more babies have been conceived on this couch than you can imagine." Mmmkay. Is that a selling point?  You can see the listing and more odd photos HERE.

Browsing through all the free tires, crappy firewood, random construction scraps, roosters, moving boxes and trashed out furniture... you'll occasionally stumble across something of actual value. Like a FREE gas station canopy.

Credit: Craigslist

Recently posted (1/17/21) in the Great Falls Craigslist free section is this 22' x 62' foot gas station canopy in Cut Bank. The listing says you're responsible for tearing it down and moving it. I'm assuming you also might need some sort of bond or insurance before you just show up with a trailer and a Sawzall. The seller adds,

Financial Assistance for disassembly can be available with proper bid

So, does that mean they'll pay someone to come tear it down? Even better. Just think of the possibilities if you decide make this freebie yours. Other uses (than it's intended purpose) could be:

  • A perfect "hail shelter" for your car, RV, boat or whatever for those without a garage.
  • A farmer or rancher could use it to store hay.
  • Make it into an oversized covered patio. Plant some native grasses and wildflowers on top of it to "go green."

Good old Craigslist. Happy shopping.

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