David Nail‘s ‘The Sound of a Million Dreams’ lyrics will resonate with every listener in some way, big or small. The tune was penned by hit singer-songwriter Phil Vassar and writer Scooter Carusoe.

“We were sitting together one day talking about how we used to hear these songs, and how these songs inspired us,” Vassar tells Taste of Country. “They are such a soundtrack of your life. We started playing this little tune and started talking about Bob Seger, Merle Haggard, our first concerts and things like that. ‘The Sound of a Million Dreams’ came out of that.”

Seger was singing words I could believe in / And ‘Main Street’ was my street that night / So I called up Samantha and asked her the / Chance of us / Running out ‘neath the moonlight / Well, she’s not with me now, she can always / Be found / When I rewind the radio dial / And like it was then I feel her on my skin / And I’m back there for awhile,” they wrote in the opening lyrics to Nail’s ‘The Sound of a Million Dreams.’

“We wrote the song just to write it,” Vassar adds, commenting that he had no idea the tune would end up in the hands of David Nail. “I think that’s kind of the best way for me to write songs. I really don’t write songs for anybody else. I don’t know if I could do that. I just try to write the best songs I can.”

So I labor for hours ’cause I know the power / Of a song when when a song hits you right / Pouring my soul into stories of life / Hoping someone will hear one tonight / Maybe my voice will cut through the noise / And stir up an old memory / And out of these piano keys / Comes the sound, the sound of a million dreams,” they wrote in the chorus of the song.

“That was just a fun time,” notes Vassar. “I love writing with Scooter. It’s really great to write with great songwriters. I’ve been lucky to have so many hits. This was one of the first songs Scooter and I wrote, and David’s a great singer. I never thought the song would get cut, much less be put out. It just came out great.”

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