An article posted by highlights the weirdest foods in every state. I had to know what Montana's was. The article lists pasties (pronounced PASS-tee) as the weirdest in Montana, which I found to be a bit odd. Now, I agree that the name is a bit weird, but it's definitely not as weird as some of the other Montana delicacies that exist.

What is a pasty?

A pasty, known sometimes as a "Butte pasty" is a dish comprised of meat, such as beef, and vegetables baked into a half-moon-shaped pastry. Most Montanans also cover it in gravy. The dish's origins are Irish, and they were popular among Cornish miners who ate them and discarded the crust for the ghosts of dead miners to be satiated. If you'd like to make one yourself, here's an excellent recipe from The Taste of Montana.

Are there weirder foods in Montana?

Absolutely, there are. The one that pops immediately into mind for me is Rocky Mountain Oysters, the deep-fried bull testicles that are a delicacy in Montana and other states. Montana also has a love of lefse; the Norwegian flatbread filled with an array of toppings from ham and cheese to sugar and cinnamon. Our own Aaron Flint traveled to Scobey, MT to check out Granrud's Lefse, and you can read about his experience here. You also can't travel to Butte without checking out Pork Chop John's and their signature sandwich, which features an entire pork chop cut into two pieces and piled high between a bun.

So, in conclusion, there are many different dishes that would qualify as weird. But to Montanans, these are just commonplace. And absolutely delicious.

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