The Democrats are using corrupt tactics to try and prop up the Libertarian candidate and take votes from the Republicans in the US House race in Western Montana.

You gotta check out this story, and the associated imagery, that Breitbart News reported over the weekend. Basically Democrat Super PACs are sending out fliers and other campaign materials to boost the Libertarian candidate in hopes that they will take away conservative votes from former Trump Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke (R-MT). The Democrats have basically given up on trying to promote the radical Leftist candidate Monica Tranel (D-MT) and instead are trying to promote the open borders Libertarian.

As Breitbart News has confirmed, the Democrat Super PACs even went so far as to use the Montana Republican Party logo on one of their fliers to make it appear as though the flyer came from the GOP.

The Montanans Against Corruption PAC’s usage of the Montana Republican Party logo has led to the Montana GOP to explore their options to stop Democrats from stealing GOP votes. A Montana GOP spokesperson referred to this flyer as “borderline criminal.”


Montana State Senate Majority Leader Greg Hertz also responded to the efforts to prop up the Libertarian candidate via Twitter.

Same playbook used by MT Ds in the past getting Rs to vote for the Libertarian so Tranel ends up with most votes. This will come to an end once MT has a runoff when the winner has less than 50% of vote

Good job by Shaylee Ragar with Montana Public Radio for pointing out that Democrats have used this tactic in the past:

Outside dark money groups have supported Libertarians in past Montana elections. In 2012, ProPublica reported that a Democratic-backed dark money group threw support behind Liberatrian candidate Dan Cox. The U.S. Sen. Jon Tester, a Democrat, won that election.


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