Dierks Bentley looks a lot more like "Dad Bentley" is his new music video for the song "Living."

The song, which explores the little things in life, opened the door for Bentley to latch onto the littlest thing in his life: His 5-year-old son, Knox, who co-stars with dad in the near four-minute vid.

Throughout, fans can watch father and son ride go-karts, play Skee-Ball, cruise down waterslides and even karate chop boards in the backyard.

"It was as fun as it looked," Bentley admitted at a Nashville media roundtable on April 15. "We do dumb stuff all the time at my house. I'm usually wearing some sort of like Spider-Man mask and I've got a sword and he's beating me up. … It's a chance to hang out with my son on an off day and just do stuff we would do anyway — kind of on steroids [laughs]."

The three-day shoot ended in smiles, but Bentley admits day one was a little rough, so much so that the 43-year-old country star actually hid in his own closet.

"That first day I came back, I'd been on the road three weeks and I came back late Saturday night-Sunday morning and then I shot Sunday," Bentley said. "There were like 30 people in the house. I was so tired and a little grumpy. I remember hiding in my closet at one point with the door closed, maybe, just like hiding from everybody [laughs]. And so (Knox) kind of pulled me through that first day. … He did a good job."

The concept of a father-son play date seems simple, but it took time for Bentley to actually visualize "Living," since the song lends itself to so many directions. He notes he was "dragging his feet" on making a video because he just wasn't excited about any of the ideas that were pitched to him — until the Knox idea popped up. However, now dad has some explaining to do to his two daughters Jordan and Evelyn.

"Of course my other kids are waiting for their music video now," Bentley says. "Jordan thinks we're gonna go mountain climbing together and do 'The Mountain' video, so I’ve put myself in a little bit of a conundrum here."

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