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Online Dating Isn't Generational Anymore
I had lunch with an old buddy of mine yesterday who is my age and single. We were getting caught up on what we had both been up to and he mentioned that he was doing online dating. I laughed and said, "You're kidding." Nope.
My Roster Of Old Roommates
Before six a.m. this morning Paul was telling us about his three college roommates. I've been sitting here recalling my many, many roomies and what quality stood out for each one. Here's my list:
Bars In Grocery Stores
I was in a bar inside Albertsons in Boise, Idaho a couple of weeks back, and I thought that was a good idea. They SELL beer, so why not have a bar that serves food?
Friday Fragments: Vacation Edition
Some of this week's more interesting topics covered on our program included Chinese Cialis, how my beer never lives to its expiration date, the temperature in hell, and whether or not I should start drinking at least a little milk.
He's a Big Boy
After weighing the comments from the milk vs. beer blog, I've decided that Mark can make his own decision on not drinking milk.
School Lunch Visits
In 30 years of doing our show, a lot of things have changed. But, one thing has always remained constant: reading the menus from the schools on the air. Back in the early 90's Paul and I did "School Lunch Visits" to every school in the outlying areas.