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Best Part Of Your Easter?
I think most folks try to get the family together for Easter. We sure did. And it was the first time we had everybody together at the same time since Mother's Day of 2010.
How Did This Get Here?
Yesterday, I found a golf ball in my pasture that no one can get to. So, how did it get there? Was it an eagle or crow that dropped it? This is not the first one that I have found either. I go by the same spot every day. It's strange. Maybe it was the Easter Bunny...
Solar Panels Are Ugly
Hey, I'm a fan of solar energy too, but 1200 acres of solar panels on state land is going to be a bigger eyesore than the oil pumps scattered around Montana.
Internet vs. Calls
I think today was the first time that I got more communication from listeners through Facebook, Messaging, and Snapchat than we did from the telephone.
Friday Fragments - 4/12/19
If you missed it this week, I covered why the Crock-Pot is the greatest invention of all time. And if you've got a good Crock-Pot recipe, I'd love to have you share it.
Rainy Day Memories
Rain, like we're getting today, always brings back memories, mostly about things that happened while it was raining.
Melstone Schools Get Metal Detector From Breakfast Flakes
Melstone is the second school district to take Mark and Paul up on their offer to "give schools another tool in providing kids with the safest learning environment." In March, Shepherd was the first school district to receive donated metal detectors with funds from the Flakesgivng Foundati…