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Honoring Bob Dole and Those of Greatest Generation
If you didn't hear over the weekend Bob Dole died at the age of 98. A true American hero from the Greatest Generation died after battling cancer for about a year. After being severely wounded in World War 2 they said he would never walk again. Well, he proved them wrong although he did lose the use of his right arm.
Fireworks in December at Wilson House
But now that we've got snow in the forecast for Monday night and maybe more Tuesday, it will be the Fourth of July at my house on Wednesday, December 8th. It's going to be epic. Because not only do I have the stuff we bought this year. I've also got leftovers from the previous 3 or 4 extravaganzas held at my place.
Finally, Action Taken Against Smash-and-Go Robberies
Finally, law enforcement in California is getting the green light to start arresting the organized grab-and-go crooks in the organized robberies. In Los Angeles yesterday a smash and grab resulted in 340,000$ worth of merchandise being stolen in one incident. In fact, Thursday there were eleven brazen robberies.
Best Bartender In Billings? Who Is It?
Who do you think is a rock star behind the bar. That rare combination of sparkling personality and knowing what you drink and having it sitting at what they know is your favorite chair by the time you sit down.
Magic Recipe To Keep Christmas Tree Fresh
Here is a special recipe to help you keep your tree fresh if you get a real one. Take one or two-quart bottles of water and add two tablespoons of lemon juice. Then add one tablespoon of sugar and finally up to a tablespoon of bleach.
Christmas Music Will Start Soon in Billings
Don't get me wrong. I don't hate ALL Christmas music. But, trust me when I tell you that when your radio job gets close to Christmas day and you go to work and play nothing but Christmas music for an entire six-hour shift, it's going to lose its luster for you.
Keep Montana Out Of The News, Use Metal Detectors
Currently, there are few deterrents or protocols in place to protect the kids. We started a metal detector program for schools and agencies many years ago and have probably sent out 30 or so detectors to schools and other places. Here's is my plea to you, please use them
Roundabout 101. Billings Needs Training
I am a fan of the roundabouts that Billings has installed at different intersections around our fair city. It took me a while to warm up to these "hell circles". You can't argue with how much better traffic flows in front of the airport Shilo Road, and on top of Zimmerman Trail.

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