Billings is known as the Magic City, Great Falls is the Electric City, and Missoula is the Garden City or Zootown. These are fairly well-known nicknames in Montana. But, Montana is filled with all kinds of towns, and most of them have quirky nicknames that you may not know until you hear them. Here are some of my favorite ones.

Bozangeles, The Bozone - Bozeman

As a Billings native, this one's new to me. I figured it would be an homage to the Montana State University Bobcats, however, the Bozone sounds awesome. Also, I'm not sure most Bozeman residents enjoy the nickname Bozangeles. It's nothing like Los Angeles at all.

The Middle of Nowhere - Glasgow

It's called such because according to the Washington Post, it is the farthest town away from any metropolitan area with over 75,000 people. The closest city of that size is four and a half hours away. Glasgow has embraced this nickname, and it's worth the drive out.

Coldest Spot in the Nation - Cut Bank

A little more than a month ago, I wrote about the craziest weather Montana has ever had. However, Cut Bank was one of the towns I didn't talk about. This nickname is claimed by Cut Bank, which has it on a penguin statue in the city, even after Alaska joined the United States.

The Queen City of the Rockies - Helena

The 1862 gold strike brought a ton of new people to the Helena area, which adopted this nickname as a direct result of that population boom. The miners decided to name the area Saint Helena (pronounced hel-E-na) until later when the word "Saint" was dropped and the inflection changed to HEL-e-na.

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There's so much to learn still about the great state of Montana. Hopefully, new nicknames come with it. I love learning about it.

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