Even though hundreds of people in Billings pass by the "Free Barry Beach" sign on Grand Avenue every day, there are plenty who don't know his story. Some people say that there is no way an innocent man would ever confess to a murder and refuse to delve any deeper than that. Some say that Barry has been given enough chances to argue his innocence and giving him yet another just continues to keep the victim's family from having closure.

Regardless of how you feel, Montana's new clemency law will be in effect next month and Barry will be able to begin another shot at winning his freedom. If you only know the highlights of the story and want to get some more details, there are several videos available online which can help you understand why many feel that an innocent man has been imprisoned. Certainly not everyone is a Beach supporter, but the fact that he has received this much outside support for a crime that dates back to 1979 certainly is enough to draw attention.