There are a lot of Flakes trivia questions most of you would already know the answers to. What famous female singer is rumored to have a restraining order against Mark Wilson? How does Paul really feel about Jon Tester? Do the Breakfast Flakes take too much vacation? All pretty easy to answer.

But what about some of the deeper questions? Things only the guys would reveal while riding down an elevator at the end of a long week.

Here are some actual questions Mark and Paul answered in recent episodes of 23 Floors with The Flakes. How many can you answer correctly?

  • If they could only keep one tool in their house, what tool would it be?
  • One thing Mark and Paul still want to learn how to do?
  • What are The Flakes most afraid of?
  • How will Mark and Paul know it's time to retire?
  • Favorite vacation spot outside of Montana?
  • The least sexy first name for a Woman?
  • What did The Flakes think was cool in the 20's they don't think is cool now?

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