This is not a pitch against helping the people who have been devastated by the disastrous earthquake and tidal wave in Japan.  Rather it's a call to take a moment and step back from putting money where it's not needed.

We went through a similar rush to help with Haiti.  Billions of dollars went into the country.  The people are still living practically the same lives today they did before the hurricane.  Think about the Gulf hurricane in our own country.  It was not a money issue that kept the aid from reaching the people in need.

Here's why you should NOT DONATE money to Japan

  1. Japan is a wealthy country.  Money is NOT the problem
  2. Donating to specific causes HAMPERS not helps relief agencies
  3. Doctors Without Borders recommend AGAINST donating

Disasters bring out the calls for donations from a number of organizations.  Television has made the process worse.  The more we can see the disaster, the more we reach for our wallet.  There's even a "Socks For Japan" drive right now believe it or not.

We want to help other humans who are going through problems.  Indeed we should donate to specific organizations which can make a difference.  Donating specific funds to Japan isn't needed right now.

Make a general contribution to a group like Doctors Without Borders who aren't opportunistic in using disasters as fund raisers. Here's the official position of the group.